Soda Jerks

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Edmonton’s Top Rated Local® Burgers & Bottles

Little Jerks

Enjoy the kid's meal at Soda Jerks in Edmonton
with fries, a drink & dessert

PB&J Sandwich 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

KD Mac n' Cheese 

Chicken Fingers

Burger - Served Plain w/ Cheese 

*choice of worms n'dirt or mini donuts*

Upgrade Your Drink
to a glass bottle soda or small milkshake

Kick Start

Start with fried dill pickles at Soda Jerks in Edmonton, AB

Fried Dill Pickles
w/ chipotle mayo 


Onion Rings
w/ burger sauce 

1/2 lb or Full Pound of Wings
hot | sweet chili | salt ‘n’ pepper or root beer bbq
1/2 lb. or 
Full lb. 

Mac & Cheese Bites
fried wedges | salsa |

w/ sour cream | sautéed onion
bacon | gin & bacon sauerkraut |

Doritos Nachos
cheese | tomatoes | olives | red onion | jalapeños | sour cream | salsa |

add guacamole | add cajun beef | add cajun chicken



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