How to play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a classic dice game that originated in Asia and bore some resemblance to roulette. In each round, three dice are rolled, and players are asked to predict the outcome. Like roulette, a wide variety of bets are possible, including even/odd, high/low, or the exact amount of the three dice — see below for full details of the available bets. Most of the population is probably more familiar with the game of dice than Sic Bo. The same can be said for online casinos. Sic Bo becoming increasingly popular among players. They like to explore different casino games at the best online casinos, such as Sic Bo game BitStarz.

Sic Bo and the dice game have similarities in that both games use a table lined with squares for betting and dice for rolling. Sic Bo and the dice game are both pure luck games. The main goal in both games is to correctly predict the result of three dice rolls.

The Simplicity of Sic Bo

Players love free online Sic Bo BitStarz for its simplicity. Pure randomness games like Sic Bo are some of the best casino games out there. This is because when online casino players feel the need to go back to the classics, they always look for slots, dice games, and Sic Bo. If you like the thrill of anticipating the outcome of your luck, Sic Bo is a game you should play. Sic bo game BitStarz adds a new level of excitement to this timeless game, and the random multipliers increase the odds of winning up to 999:1!

Sic Bo – Basic Rules

Sic Bo is played with three regular six-sided dice. Players can predict different dice roll outcomes by choosing from a range of available bets by placing chips, much like roulette. The dice are shaken by a live dealer, and the winning bets are paid out according to the odds displayed on the screen.

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What are the rules of playing Sic Bo?

Don’t let the layout of the tables confuse you. It looks quite complicated. But in fact, playing Sic Bo online BitStarz is easy—it’s a pretty simple game once you get the hang of it. It is traditionally played with three dice that are shaken in a cup or basket before being thrown. In Asia, the dice were covered in a white bowl and shaken on a porcelain plate. After the shaking, a result was obtained. Of course, things have changed a lot since BitStarz Sic Bo Australia came along. Now the process is automated: the machine shakes the cup and then transmits the results to the computer. The computer will then highlight the winning fields/zones. This is quite nice to look at, and the highlighted areas are a major attraction for players.

The main part of the game, as we mentioned earlier, is the three dice and the Sic Bo table. As in Keno, players bet on the outcome of the roll. It can be one winning number, two specific numbers, or a combination of numbers. Of course, the Sic Bo table is not limited to these bets. There are many side bets with attractive payouts that players also like to bet on. And how interesting to play Sic Bo online for real money, BitStarz. The game is addictive, and you don’t want to be installed, and of course, online Sic Bo bonus code BitStarz, without which it would not be so interesting to play.

The following types of bets are available in the Sic Bo round

  • Small/Big: The sum of all three dice will either be small (4-10) or large (11-17). These bets lose at any three.
  • Even/Odd: The sum of the three dice will be even or odd. Bets lose on any three.
  • Total: the exact sum of the three dice, from 4 to 17 (3 and 18 are excluded because they are threes).

Payouts depend on total winnings

  • Single: a certain single number from 1 to 6 is rolled on one, two, or three dice. The more dice with this number, the greater the payout.
  • Double: a certain single number is rolled on two or three dice (the payout remains the same for two or three dice).
  • Triple: all three dice show the same specific number.

Any triple: all three dice show the same number, choose one of 15 possible combinations of two dice. But what makes people love this game is the simplicity of its gameplay. Regardless of the version, the gameplay of Sic Bo remains the same. The action still revolves around the results of rolling 3 dice. What is different, however, are the betting options and side bets. And this is where the fun begins.

Before the dealer rolls the dice, you make your bets by guessing the result. A small/large bet means you bet on whether the outcome will be small, 4 to 10, or large, 11 to 17. An odd/even bet, on the other hand, means you bet on whether the outcome will be even or odd. If you want to bet on a certain number, bet on the number or total. There is also an Even bet, where you bet on one of the 15 possible draw outcomes. If both of your chosen numbers show up on the screen, you win. You can bet that one, two, or all three dice will show the same number you decided. This means you make a single, double, triple, or any triple combination bet. A combination bet is the last option, where you bet on any or all of the 15 possible combinations of two dice.